Brunch is served weekends from 12pm to 3pm.
4144 SE 60th
Chorizo con Huevos
Spicy and savory house made chorizo, two over-easy eggs,
 and a potatolicious bocadillo piled up and and topped with 
avocado salsa,queso fresco, and cilantro-lime crema. 
Served with fresh house made tortillas.

A traditional Mexican breakfast dish featuring crispy fried
corn tortillas cooked in fresh salsa and topped with two 
eggs any style, queso fresco, cilantro-lime crema, salsa roja.

Carne Asada Chimichanga
Carne asada, scrambeled eggs, black beans, roasted corn,
white onions, and chilis wrapped in a hand stretched flour tortilla
and fried until golden and crispy and topped with roasted pasilla
sauce, cilantro-lime crema, and queso fresco.

Chili Verde Breakfast Burrito
House made chorizo, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms,
onions, and peppers wrapped inside a hand stretched flour tortilla
and smothered in some pretty amazing chili verde and topped 
with queso fresco and cilantro-lime crema.

Seasonal Veggie Scramble
Grass fed, humanely slaughtered, free range seasonal vegetables
scrambled up with a couple of eggs and cheese and topped with
guacamole and salsa fresca. Served with bocadillos. 

Bacon and Eggs
4 strips of thick cut bacon, 2 eggs any style, 
bocadillo with queso fresco and crema, and a grilled bolo roll from 
Grand Central Bakery.